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Hot Kettle Grill

Easy Mouthwatering Recipes

About us

This web site was created with hopes to share my gift of creating fun, easy and delicious meals. I am excited to share my hidden secrets and encourage families to be more creative. I realize there are many families that are busy and need fast creative meal suggestions. If you think cooking is not for you, then this website is for you! Many families are intimidated by fancy meals, but you too can be a gourmet chef. Just look inside your pantries, and begin your journey with the simple items you already have. All of these meals can be recreated with the everyday items at your local grocery store. The entire family, especially the kids, will enjoy pitching in.

I am a busy mom of three kids and love to cook. I started cooking when I was about 7 years old and fell in love. I was surprised how easy it came to me, and I have followed my passion for years. I understand how a mom desires to be the queen in the kitchen, but is over whelmed with her royal duties of supermom. Dads, you can be king of the kitchen and show the family you rock! A little bit of curiosity, mixed with courage, and a dab of desire, will get you to the finish line. Thank you for visiting and enjoy! 

Sharese Clayton

Founder / Manager